Monday, January 4, 2010

So Far

2010 is kicking my ass.

It has been a steady stream of cleaning, cooking, writing, fixing, sending, calling, hoping, trying.

I thought I completely bombed my LSAT but I didn't. I didn't do as well as I could have or should have but I did better than I thought. Well enough that I may even be able to get in to one of the schools I am interested in. I didn't think it was happening so I haven't really been preparing so now I am trying to get it all together in about a month.

Speaking of which, anyone have any tips/tricks/suggestions for a personal statement? I am STUCK. And nervous which only makes me feel stuck-ier. I need to make sure I don't use words like stuck-ier in my personal statement, I do know that much ;)

Gemma is good. Keeping me busy but not as busy as she did before which I am grateful for. She drools buckets.

(Obviously, a Christmas picture.  I'm too lazy to upload anything recent. Notice the shine-y drool chin.)

I have also recently determined that Gemma is part cat. Or maybe it is part tiger. I am not completely sure, but something in the cat family. Something vicious in the cat family.

When I hold her face close to mine she makes this humming (purring!) noise and then lunges for my face with her mouth wide open. I am not exactly sure what the objective is, but I do know that it involves shoving as much of my face into her mouth as possible while yanking fistfuls of my hair. Fun.

Gemma has also began licking her fist and rubbing her face with it.  Like a cat cleaning itself. It's cute. Strange...but definitely cute.

She is such a silly, playful thing. A demanding diva at times but she is also a goofy little ball of fun.

My sweet, sweet Gemma Bean :)


  1. She's trying to eat yo face !


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  3. Look at that impression on her face. She looks like she is a busy body. You know, Zakiah does the same thing. She sucks on my cheeks and shoulder. So weird. As if I have multiple boobs in other areas of my body. It is funny sometimes.

    I have to write a personal statement again because of some issues with grad school. I have to complete it by the end of this week. Hopefully I can find my first personal statement and kind of modify it from there. Just try to express what your plans and desires are. Why you are applying for law school. What are your strengths and how they can be applied to your field of study. I don't know the specifics of what your personal statement for law school should include but just sell yourself.

    I'm proud of your dedication. Some days are good for me and some days I know I can be doing more. Kind of feel like I am floating around but hopefully I am floating in the right direction.

    Good luck! Praying your personal statement turns out really good and that you get into school. Gemma is fortunate to have a goal oriented mommy like you! :)