Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 5 Months Gemma

Happy 5 months my dear sweet Gemma! I am so glad I got to spend the day with you (as always!)

January has been the first month with you that I can truly say feels like it flew by. Being your mama really became so much easier this month. You and I have synced together into a routine that is cozy and familiar to us both.

You are still my little night owl. I am not sure if I like it or not but it seems to be working, and that is enough for me. Well, that it works and that you are happy is enough for me. I have become a woman who is easy to please. So bedtime is midnight or so and we had been sleeping until 11, or even later, but that doesn't make me happy so I am slowly trying to make wake up time a little earlier. You sleep well but from time to time I wake you up from moving around in my our bed. I act like I hate it but secretly I feel so comfy with you beside just feels right. Maybe not for forever, but this month, it worked.

I never replaced your swing seat so you didn't play with that at all this month. You do really seem to like your Excersaucer. You have a love/hate relationship with the book toy. It seems to be your favorite but you get MAD when you can't seem to grab it just right. You also hang out on your play mat or a blanket on the floor. You scoot yourself around a lot and end up 90 degrees from the way I laid you down in the first place. You roll a lot but usually not all the way over. The arm that you need to put over your head to make it the rest of the way over is usually preoccupied as you grasp some toy or shove your fist in your mouth. Deep down, I think you can do it but that you just don't want to. Doesn't every mama think that?

When I weighed you on the home scale (by holding you and subtracting my weight) it said that you weighed 14 lbs and 2 oz and that doesn't seem too far off. We have actually been nursing more than we did last month but your diet is still predominately formula. You haven't tried any solids yet, mostly because your mama is a chicken.

You are wearing 3-6 month sleepers, and 0-3 and 3-6 months clothes. You are surprisingly tall, so your 0-3 month pants are quickly becoming high waters. Poor thing.  You are still fitting in to size 2 diapers pretty well.

I think that your hair loss has finally stopped and I your hair is growing slowly but surely. The Mohawk you had at birth is coming back...not nearly as cool but it is there.

Your eyes are still...strange. They look brown in the middle but green from certain angles and then it seems like they are still ringed in blue. So maybe they are still changing? Or maybe they will be hazel?  Isn't that what people usually call eyes where the color is not easily distinguished?

I have noticed recently that you are definitely the observant type. You take in a situation and absorb the possibilities before you react. Your granddaddy and I laugh at you as you study something because you can really see how deeply in thought you are. I wonder if this is a trait that you will continue to have as you get older and I look forward to finding out. Since the day you were born I have noticed how alert you are and I really think you just look out on the world and drink it in.

You have also proven yourself to be such a happy baby. Everybody who meets you comments on what a happy baby you are. Lots of things make you laugh. It makes my heart melt to think that sometimes all I have to do is look at you and you brighten up. It makes me want to stare at you all day, everyday.

As I type this you are laid across my belly sleeping and I am trying to think of what else I don't want to let myself forget. I am thinking of little things, like how much you like to play with your rings and how you seem to have started to like music more this month but really what I really want to remember is how much I love you, and how much you love me, and how much we totally love each other.

I am so blessed to be your mama.

I love you forever and always,


Here are a few more pictures from your monthly photo shoot (which I still need help with, any suggestions?)

With a Bow

Without a Bow

Arial View




  1. How are our babies getting so big already? It's so bittersweet!

  2. so cute! happy 5 months Gemma!!

  3. She is such a pretty little girl