Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Many moons ago, when I was still pregnant,  (well 5 or 6 moons ago) I swore to myself that I would take in every memory of Gemma in her babyhood and that I would keep scrupulous record of every milestone and achievement that she met. 

Since she was born, I am realizing it isn't quite as easy as I had thought. Not only because life with a young baby is a strange combination of hectic and lazy, but also because these milestones aren't quite as cut and dry as one might think.

At some point in the past month or so (maybe longer?) Gemma began to laugh.

I didn't realize it at first. I dismissed it, saying that she was "trying" to laugh. At some point she went from trying to doing and I don't know when it happened. Officially that is.

 According to her baby calendar, it happened December 25th but mostly I just put that down because...well, you have to use the Baby's First Laugh sticker somewhere, right?

I wanted to post tonight to remind myself of some of the very first things that Gemma finds hilarious.

As the not-so-great-but-working-on-it-even-if-it-is-not-really-possible keeper of all memories and milestones,  I promise, all of these are true.

Things that crack Gemma up:
  • Peek-a-Boo
  • Toe Kisses
  • Strange Teeth Sucking Noise
  • Yanking Mama's Hair
  • Patty Cake
  • Belly Rubs by Someone's Head
  • Tickles...Anywhere
  • Random, Unexpected Eye Contact
  • Certain Toys
  • Bella and O.J. (my Dad's Dogs)
I look forward to seeing this list grow.

Even if I do forget to write it all down.


  1. I hear ya on this one. I don't know when Clint laughed the first time... although yesterday I was able to REALLY get him going with a dinosaur puppet he got for Christmas.

    I was trying to work on his baby book and had to guess on almost every milestone date. lol

  2. I understand completely. It makes me sad that I didn't blog during Spencer's first year because I wasn't very good about keeping up with some of her smaller "accomplishments"

    Baby laughs are so cute!

  3. thank you so much for your comment on my post today! it made me so warm and fuzzy! Love your blog. gemma is just precious and I love her name. Im so glad to "meet" another single momma!!

  4. It's not remembering when this stuff happens, I think. More importantly, it's remembering the way you feel when those things happen. I can't tell you when Cadence first smiled, but I can say it never gets old finding new ways to re-create that moment.

    Ps- the random and unexpected eye contact gets Sam every time. priceless.