Friday, December 11, 2009

Reindeer Cookies!

Kelly's Korner's popular, "Show Us Your Life" blog hop is featuring Christmas cookies and treats today, and as Gemma and I are returning from a cookie exchange (part of the playgroup that I have told you about)I thought I would post about the cookies that I brought. They seemed to go over well.

I made these cute little reindeer cookies. (I will admit, his brothers were a lot cuter, this is one of the cookies from the pile I had left at home!)

I just used a pre-packaged peanut butter dough, the kind that comes in the bag, and prepared it by the instructions on the package. Then I rolled it into a log that I wrapped in plastic wrap and let chill for an hour. (After doing this, I realized that I could have used the pre-made peanut butter cookie dough that already comes in a log, but really, this was easy enough.)

After the dough chills for an hour you slice it and pinch in the sides just a little. Add the pretzels for ears, chocolate chips for eyes, a red M&M for the nose (the recipe suggested red hots, but I thought this would taste better) and then bake around 350 degrees for 7-9 minutes or according to your cookie dough package directions.

This was really a fun, simple, recipe and I got plenty of compliments on them. My only suggestions would be to put them on your cookie sheets assembly line style and to have the next batch ready when the previous one has finished baking as placing the eyes, ears, and nose is actually somewhat time consuming.



  1. Aw, these are cute! Soon Gemma will be grabbing for yummy treats like those cookies! :-)

  2. Cute cookies! You've got me in the mood to make some now. BTW I follow you from BBC.