Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Was So Tired I Forgot To Title This Post

Today was a big day for Gemma and I. We finally made it to a playgroup!

I actually found the group before she was born through the website Meetup, I actually spoke with someone to "join" the day before she was born. I recognized how desperately I needed a local support system as well as friends with kids (as none of my other friends is at this point in their life and probably won't be for 5-10 years!) so I sought it out from the beginning. Unfortunately, the reality to adjusting to life with a newborn has made it difficult for me to make it to any of their events.

 Today though, things worked out!

I was super duper sleepy (she didn't go to sleep until 1 a.m. HELP ME!) this morning at 8:00 when I had to get up and I was seriously considering blowing it off but I think I am missing adult interaction even more so than sleep so I sucked it up and (nervously) went. The playgroup today was specifically for new members so I thought it would be the most comfortable to sort of plunge in..

I got a little lost on the way there (it is about a 25 minute drive) but once I found it all is well. I think there was some level of intimidation as the women are all older than me and are all married which made me hope that they weren't sitting there thinking I am some young, silly hoochie or whatever but they seemed really welcoming. Both of the other "new members" were insanely talkative so I kind of took a backseat but it was good just being able to sit around and chit chat with people that I could relate with in some ways at least.

Motherhood is an insanely unifying bond.

Gemma was great. Most of the time she was either nursing or sitting on my lap chewing her hand which is quickly becoming a favorite past time of hers. She even took a little nap on my  lap while we were there. I was really happy that she seemed so happy!

After the playgroup, we headed to the mall to pick up this warm winter hat that I want to get Gemma. They didn't have it in her size (I should get her the 0-3 mos, right? The 3-6 mos seemed so big on her. Then again, winter lasts a while...) but the salesgirl was really nice and gave us a coupon for free shipping so I am going to order it when I get done here!

Since we have been home we have just kind of been lounging around...

It has been a good day so far :)

P.S. Happy 8 weeks Gemma!


  1. Hi Kacie and Gemma!

    Glad you gals had a great day! Zakiah and I had a great day, too. It is much more difficult getting around with a baby than imagined...or maybe it is just me. But we were able to get to three different places today without her fussing. She was really patient. I am so proud of her.

    I have yet to do a playgroup. Sounds like a good way to get away from being suck inside the house all day. If it wasn't for Church, I wouldn't have too much adult interaction either. Glad you got out and enjoyed yourself. That is important!

    I only got 3 hours of sleep last night so I am tired too. Hopefully I can get some rest because Zakiah gets her 4 month shots tomorrow...eeeek! I want to be alert so I can make she is as comfortable as she can be tomorrow.

    Have you found a winter coat for Gemma? My boyfriend and I have had the hardest time trying to find a warm cream-colored sweater or coat for Zakiah. Maybe I should be looking online too.

    Hope the rest of your day goes well! Zakiah is starting to fuss...time for a nap. Later!

  2. I think I am going to do a fleece snowsuit instead of a coat...Not the most fashionable, but probably more practical for us...especially when it gets cold.

    I am thinking about this:

    but worried that it is too boring?