Friday, October 16, 2009

Seven (Somewhat Connected) Thoughts For Seven Weeks

So maybe she is 7 weeks and 1 day old but whose counting? Anyway, this post isn't (entirely) Gemma-centric, I just wanted to get some random stuff floating in my head down before it is lost forever :)

  1. Where on earth can you find a mini-witch hat? I was on a message board and they were talking about taking a picture of your baby in a hollowed out pumpkin. I think it is a (cheesy) cute idea and thought it would be even cuter if I could find a witch hat for her but I was looking around today and couldn't find one anywhere...
  2. I LOVE my sorority sisters. I opened my mailbox on Tuesday to find that they had sent me a bunch of handmade cards just to let me know they loved me and missed me. It is nice to be reminded that I DO have friends (really amazing special ones at that!)...even if I am so lonely here.
  3. Sometimes even people you don't know can be so kind. An ex-coworker of my dad's sent Gigi a super cute hand knitted sweater. It is really pretty and I will post a picture as soon as I get around to taking one! The mailbox has been kinda nice to me this week.
  4. My dad is away for the weekend so my sister came home from college to stay with me. We have kind of been at odds a little lately (typical sister stuff, nothing too intense) but since last night when she got here it has been so far so good. I like when she is here because I get an extra set of hands to help out... It is nice to not be COMPLETELY on my own.
  5. I am really starting to understand why it takes two people to make a baby! It takes two people to take care of a baby! I always feel like my hands are so full with this little one. I sometimes wish that I could just pass her off to someone else for 5 minutes. I realize if I had a husband I might be able to do this sometimes and when thinking about that really gets me down I just remember that even some people with husbands don't have support. (In which case I am better off in my position.)
  6. I think Gemma might have issues with Mylicon. I tried giving it to her to relieve her gas and the two nights I gave it to her she screamed bloody murder. I didn't give it to her last night and she was somewhat back to normal. I didn't even know Mylicon could bother a baby!
  7. Speaking of screaming bloody murder... Tub bath #2 didn't go nearly as well as the first one did!


  1. I can barely make it to six o' clock some days. My husband gets home right around then and on some occasions I am counting the seconds until the garage door opens and I can hand over the baby.
    Having a break now and then is sooo important for your sanity. Call a friend or make nice with a good neighbor. If you're all alone all day, it really helps even if it's just for five minutes to recharge.
    Babies drain your batteries super fast.

    Love the new look!

  2. Thanks!

    I am working on making friends in the area... Hopefully it isn't too much longer :)