Thursday, October 1, 2009

Real Smile Vs. Fake Smile

According to Baby Center ( which I have been slightly addicted to since mid pregnancy), Gemma should start social smiling soon. I still can't tell where her smiles are coming from or if they are any more intentional than they have been previously. I mean, as I have mentioned here before, I love her smiles anyway, it is just how will I know where to put her "Baby's First Smile" sticker on her First Year Calendar ( my single girls answer to the standard baby book!) I have heard it is one of those things that when ya know, ya know...and since I don't know then maybe it hasn't happened? Maybe I am just being slightly spazzy.

There was one addition to the First Year Calendar that I know for a fact happened this week (and it never made it on here because I have been too busy with the doing nothing that is associated with caring for a newborn, never in life have I felt so simultaneously busy and fulfilled and completely unproductive and bored) and that was Gemma's 4 week appointment. Gemma now weights 9 pounds and 4 ounces and is 20 and a half inches long (still a shorty like her mama, poor thing!) They also gave her a vaccine and like an idiot I burst into tears in the doctors office. I felt so silly. I think I cried longer than Gemma did! I am wondering if they will let someone else be in the room with her when she gets her 2 month shots. I know they get a few more that day and I am not sure if I can handle it.

Oh, Motherhood...


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  2. I was nervous at Zakiah's second month appointment. I thought I would be in tears but it turned out so much better than expected. The nurse did all the shots within 30 seconds so Zakiah didn't have much time to process the shots until the lady gave her her third shot in the thigh. Zakiah only cried for one minute and that was it. She even managed to throw in some smiles before we left the office. She handled it so well. Now, her fourth month shots are coming up next Friday...don't know how well she will take them since she is much more alert and aware of her environment. We will see!

    Gemma is a cutie! I love baby girls!