Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gemma Bean's First Bath

If you have read this blog before, you might be scratching your chin and wondering "Isn't that baby a little old for a first bath?"

Or alerting the authorities of this lady on the Internet who doesn't bathe her baby...ewww!

But of course, this wasn't her first bath just her first tub bath. Gemma has been getting regular sponge baths since birth... I just waited awhile to bring in the baby gear :)

Why did I wait for so long for a tub bath?
  1. I am kind of a chicken. In my head the logistics of a tub bath ( code for washing without drowning) seemed far more complicated than they really were.
  2. I wanted pictures! As a single mom, bath time it is just the two of us. I wanted to make sure I captured the "moment."
Once again, I have highlighted my sometimes ridiculous thought process.

Anyway, last night I decided to head up to my mom's house and utilize the extra hands to give Gemma her first (tub) bath. My mom and her girlfriend and my grandparents (they all live together) like sharing moments like this with us and it allowed me to get pictures.

Plus, my bed was getting kind of wet during those sponge baths so I reasoned that it was time.

It seemed like Gemma enjoyed it. Well at least she didn't cry :) She actually smiled while we combed the cradle cap out of her eyebrows, which I thought was kind of strange. To each her own I guess!

I think she is trying to figure out if she likes it or not.

Deciding it is not that bad.

And afterwards...

She's such a serious baby! But I am sure this expression means she loved it!

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  1. Oh Em Gee! She is gorgeous! Look at her enjoying her bath! Haha, I know how hard it is to capture the moment by yourself, but you will master it. I have. Now I always have my blackberry at my hip to whip it out whenever I want to take a picture or record something silly my baby girl is doing!

    The video of my baby's first real bath got corrupted some kind of way so I can't get it to play, unfortunately. Breaks my heart because she was so itty bitty in that big ol' tub. Now she is huge at 16 weeks (as of today!). Glad you were able to capture the moment because she will get big so fast.

    She is just precious. I might go post some of Zakiah's early bath pictures on my blog. Haha, you can tell Gemma's legs were moving in the last picture. Is she a squirmer? Zakiah is! :)