Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • Last night I watched part of the documentary "What Would Jesus Buy", on the Sundance Channel. The documentary is basically about a comedic performance group that is touring the country encouraging Americans to stop shopping or at least stop shopping so much around Christmas. Their "act" is set up around the premise that they are a The Church of Stop Shopping and the message is expressed sidewalk preacher style. Here is the trailer if you want to check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WZ4LXQrHSw. One of the quotes from the movies is that we are not consumers but we are being consumed and I totally agree with that. I also agree with the movies assertion that the focus of Christmas has become the presents and it shouldn't be. It speaks to how many people, especially parents, feel the need to buy to show their love and I will admit I am somewhat prone to that myself. Off and on catch myself saying that I will change my consumption habits but I haven't. I really hope that I do soon because I don't want Gemma to be as materialistic as the society she is being raised in.
  • I also watched the new show,"The Sing Off" last night. It is hosted by Nick Lachey if that gives you any clue to its depth. The show is a competition (of course!) between different A Capella groups. My favorites were Nota and the Beelzebubs. The show come on again tonight at 8:00 on NBC, so if you are in the mood for something fun and light CHECK IT OUT :)
  • I cut Gemma's finger a little when I was trimming her nails. She was fussy for like an hour afterwards. It is just a small nick but I still feel terrible!
  • Lately I have been bow OBSESSED. I have been sorting through the sellers on Etsy and Ebay trying to find the cutest bows I can for the best price. I have also been thinking about making my own but I am not sure which approach is more cost effective.
  • I am sick and tired of being broke. Times like a thousand. It is starting to depress me and I really need a job.
  • I also need Clinton and Stacey. I can't find ANYTHING to fit my body anymore. And I think I have gained 5-10 pounds of the weight I lost after Gemma was born back. Blah. The sorority tee and too tight jeans look isn't working for me.
  • Sometimes, I wonder how similar my future will be to an episode of the Gilmore Girls...


  1. Thanks for coming by and dropping a line! Hope to see you back again sometime!

    Happy RTT!

  2. I accidently clip a finger of Jonah's everytime I cut his nails :( don't feel bad

  3. I will tell you that it is probably most cost effective to buy already made bows and find someone who can make them to make custom bows. Unless you make them and sell them. Because you're buying all the ribbon, thread, clips, etc, and making one bow from it all. My daughter has a TON of bows. I have bought most pre-made ones and then ordered some from a friend who makes them. Good Luck!!!

  4. I remember cutting my sweet babies nails and making him cry... It hurts your heart doesn't it?

    I hope you find the prettiest bows on the planet!