Monday, December 14, 2009

Taylor Swift's New Hair

Looks really good, doesn't it?

Usually, I think she is a little creepy looking (no offense Taylor, if you are reading) but I think this is super flattering.


  1. Wow, I barely recognized her! Such a drastic change in her usual look. I like the straight hairstyle. Makes her look older.

  2. I didn't even RECOGNIZE her...
    Taylor looks like a cat

  3. Her hair looks pretty straight, but I love her curls too! She is just a pretty girl all around.

  4. Kris- She does look older...but good older I think!

    Natballs-Maybe that is what I am seeing when I say she looks creepy...Maybe it is her cat-like-ish-ness

    The Browns- I agree :)