Tuesday, May 26, 2009

95 Days Until Baby

Rain Rain Go Away...

Today was such a dreary day...I feel as if this may be the rainiest few months of my life.

It was kind of nice though. I did the family thing with my sister and my daddy.

Target sent me this thing saying that if I registered for the baby there they would give me a free $20 gift card. My registry is still a work in progress, but I brought what I had in and got the gift card. Granted, my loved ones will probably spend a bajillion dollars there because I got that $20 dollars but it is kinda worth it! I want a bathing suit so hopefully this can contribute to the cause :)

The we went to dinner at Red Lobster. I am not a huge fan of chain style restaurants, but it was satisfying and yummy and somewhat of a treat for a yucky Tuesday.

Then we went to Costco...The only interesting thing about that is I almost bought a cell phone but since they wouldn't give me a great price I didn't. Excited by the idea, I had my dad stop at the provider store on the way home and the guy told me the phone I wanted was crummy and suggested this plain looking phone. Not fun. He told me they would have something more my style in a few weeks...

So today was an okay day. 

-95 Days Until Baby

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