Thursday, May 28, 2009

94&93 Days Until Baby

I'm officially an old lady.

I bought MATERNITY JEANS!!! Ahhh...

I am slightly traumatized by the idea of them, but I must admit that being reunited with denim has kind of made my day. I swear, it has probably been about 6 weeks (when I was at around 20-21 weeks preg) since I have worn jeans at all. I have had a hard time finding jeans that work because I am short, and I am only really big in the stomach (although the thighs have DEFINITELY grown!). I found Capri-ish jeans so they work! (When I cuff them ;) )

So yesterday I bought the jeans and then today I wore them to my glucose test. Yay! Or not. It was kind of boring. I went by myself and read three Ladies Home Journals while waiting the hour that it takes after drinking the drink to be able to have blood drawn. After I had tired of the magazines I went and checked out the hospital gift shop (I still had about 5 minutes). This really sweet older lady who was working there commented on how small I am to be due in August, and as vain as it is, it made my day! We chatted a little and she also commented that it looked like I am carrying a boy. While I would have been just as happy with a boy I hope not! I would feel so unprepared.

The baby (whose secret pet name in my head is nugget, which I don't use out loud because it makes me sound creepy and *gasp* mom-like) has been lazy today, which I hate. In general, she has had lots of lazy days. I am trying to not worry about it too much, as I have already gone to the ER unnecessarily for this TWICE. So embarrassing. And I think I have felt nudges, so I am probably just being dramatic.

I found out like 2 days ago that soft serve puts you at risk for listeria also! I am bummed, and slightly worried (I had soft-serve on Sunday...and like 3 other times recently), but trying to keep it in check. Sometimes I wish I knew less, but I realize the little sacrifices will make for a healthier baby. I am really gonna miss super cheap McDonalds sundaes though!

Maybe this is a good thing though, my diet has been so bad lately! I need to keep up the really healthy weight gain I have had so far. 

I guess I will just stick to the fruit that I am eating and pretend!

-93 Days Until Baby

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