Saturday, May 23, 2009

100,99, & 98 Days Until Baby

So I am already slacking on a daily post! Things have been as uneventful as ever, but I am happy. 

Day 100 days until baby was pretty forgetable. I can't think of anything that stands out.

My K (my sister) and I watched the movie Notorious last night (99 Days until baby). I have been soooo excited to see it, but the weekend it came out I had a big sorority event to go to so I wasn't able to make it. 

Let me preface this "review" by saying I am a HUGE Notorious B.I.G. fan... But the movie was dissappointing. It glossed over everything but then made a big deal of what great friends Biggy and Tupac used to be and how hurt Biggy was when Pac thought it was his fault he got robbed. *Yawn*

Needless to say I don't reccomend it.

Today was an okay day. I went to Old Navy because my sister wanted $1 flip flops but they were sold out.

When I came home I spent FOREVER working on my registry. I never realized how much stuff there is for babies. I feel like everything is such a monumental decision. I literally decided not to chose bottles tonight because I need to do research. I think I would have made fun of myself a few months ago!

On an exciting note, my camera charger came in today. Which might mean pictures...That I take...I have been chargerless for literally 5 or 6 months, which is silly because the camera is barely older than that. It is like having a brand new toy :)

Pregnancy wise...I am officially 26 weeks, which means only 14 weeks to go! This is super intimidating. I am not sure how ready I am for this whole mom thing. The whole pregnant thing has been enough of an adjustment. I am finally at a stage where pretty much nothing from before pregnancy fits. It is such a bummer. 

Then again, I am excited to meet baby and see who this little person is. I have such a strong attachement in some ways and in other ways she feels like a stranger still, maybe even further than a stranger. More of an abstract idea than an actual thing. I don't mean that in a hateful way at all. 

I am never sure how to end these things, so I guess I just will. 

Until tomorrow (hopefully!)

-98 days until baby

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