Friday, May 29, 2009

92 Days Until Baby

So today is an exciting day!

I have pictures that I actually took myself. I was planning on telling you about my day chronologically, but since I am having technical difficulties (yes posting pictures, and yes I really am that technologically incapable...) I am going to write about my day in a way that the order of the pictures came up.

I went to my mom's house today... This is nothing unusual, I typically visit her four or five days a week. A lot of my family on that side of the family lives there so when I get bored I just sort of head up for short visits. Anyway, the house is sort of in the mountains so there is always random wildlife-y things and today we saw a SNAKE!!!

Yikes! My two biggest fears in life are snakes and death so this really creeped me out. I guess now would be a good time to admit that I did not take this picture (as implied in my long winded introduction that I had taken the pictures in this post.) In fact, I can't even tell you who did take the picture because as soon as I saw the snake I ran into the house and hid. Even though I was on a porch before, perfectly protected and far away from the snake. So lame :) My cousin was convinced that it was poisonous and I am pretty sure it wasn't. 

When I got home, I actually had cell phone service so I got to text some of my friends. I even had a phone call from someone my own age! (sarcasm, in case it isn't properly translating) 

It was so good getting to talk to my friend Z. I just graduated from college (literally, 2 weeks ago) and I moved back home. I live at least an hour away from most of my friends and due to a number of circumstances I am unemployed until the end of October probably. Not only am I far away, but my phone has been acting CRAZY. I live in the middle of town and own an I Phone and I rarely get cell phone service. My friends call or text and I get their messages days later. It sucks! I feel so disconnected already sometimes and this just makes it worse. But, it made today a really surprising treat. It is good to know there are people not related to me who love me still...Even if we never talk! It is interesting that she is feeling many of the same things I am feeling about life and such even though she isn't pregnant...she just graduated too. 

It makes me think that maybe, I would be just as down about things if I had only graduated. It makes me feel lucky to have this baby because even though the timing and situation are far from ideal, she will make this transitional period of my life better. She will be my motivation to move on to the next thing.  Hopefully, she will be my inspiration to achieve everything I have dreamed of for the past 5 years and she will help me create new, better dreams. I really think that I need her. 

Hopefully I can be what she needs too.


That just turned surprisingly deep and sappy. Hormones anyone ;)

My goal with this blog is to avoid emo-ness as often as possible, but I guess every so often it creeps up!

Less creepy today (how is that for a segue) was my yard sale! I woke up an hour later than planned (after K had already finished setting everything up...sorry K!) and stayed out for about 4 hours. It was a pretty slow day, but we made almost $30 which isn't bad for a Friday yard sale. 

Here is a picture of our fancy clothing tent:

We had a bunch of just random stuff, that I am glad to see go. I am not sure what to spend the money on. Maybe maternity clothes? Hold on to it for baby stuff? I am not buying anything baby related until after my shower I could just put it up? I guess I will have to decide...

Something to think about for the night...

-92 Days Until Baby

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