Saturday, May 30, 2009

91 Days Until Baby

Today, I am Officially 27 Weeks Pregnant!

Only 13 More Weeks to Go!

Some sources say this is the begining of the 3rd trimester. For the sake of patience though I will wait until next week to declare it official. (Alhough, mathematically 27 weeks makes sense!)

Regardless of which trimester I am in there are definitely big things happening for baby this week, such as:

  • Weighing a little over 2 pounds
  • A greater than 90% chance of survival if born now (knock on wood that she waits a long while for this though!)
  • Lungs are capable of breathing air
  • Fully formed, all that's left is to grow larger
I can't believe I made it this far. I remember being terrified of having an incompetent cervix when I was 18 weeks. I could not wait to make it to 24 weeks, and here I am 3 weeks past that with  a perfectly healthy pregnancy. I truly am blessed!

As far as my "symptoms", they are not too bad. I am a little achy and tired, but that is to be expected. Heartburn is still killer. I think I am going to have to make the diet changes to get rid of that though, I have been eating whatever I feel like so it is kind of my fault. 

My weight gain seems pretty much on track. I weigh 153.8 today, which I guess is about a 16.8 pound weight gain. I am assuming I was between 135 and 140 when I got pregnant, so I just say that I was 137. This was actually a record high for me though, as I had been around 120 and in 4 years or so it had begun to creep up that high. Yikes. Hopefully I can get back around 120 sometime after the baby is born. Use nursing to my advantage! Anyway, my old Dr. told me at my first appointment you should gain 1/2 a pound a week the first 20 weeks and then a pound a week after that which would be 17 pounds. Technically, I am almost PERFECT then ;)

The only other issue I have been having is swelling feet. I don't notice anything but a little stinging, but other people can tell by looking at my feet. Maybe if I could see my feet I would be able to tell myself!

Yikes, I need sleep!

-91 Days Until Baby

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