Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 2 Weeks Gemma!!!

Baby Girl,

As I type this you are laying in my arms, alert as ever, with your typical worried look on your face. The past 2 weeks with you have literally been the hardest solid 2 weeks of my life and while I can't say the rewards are flooding in, I wouldn't trade these times for the world.

Together we have both shed a lot of tears, gotten pretty frustrated (with each other I am sure), and gotten closer and closer to each other with every passing day.

I am so proud that you let me sleep at night (even though half of the time I pass out during your late night snack, not good, Mama is gonna work on that) for at least a few good solid hours. I am proud of calm you remain even though I am a total spaz.

One of our biggest challenges has been nursing. Little one, you sure like to eat. Sometimes it feels like all day, everyday. I am beginning to realize the solution to this may just be for me to have a little more patience and enjoy having you so tiny and close and satisfied by me.

I am looking foreward to getting to know you better and better and I can't wait until your personality begins to show even more. Right now, you are a little bundle of instinct and reflexes but it will be interesting to see if you hold on to your laid back demeanor.

You have a sassy side too. You like to pee all over (and sometimes poop all over) when I am changing your diaper. Sometimes you refuse to sleep unless you are beside me.

Little by little I am learning you and figuring things out...You my dear, seem to have it all figured out already.

I love you and I can't wait until you let me in on your secrets.

Yet another sleepy photo.

This is becoming you "signature" pose.

The lighting makes you look tan! Your little face!

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  1. What a beautiful letter! They will be so special to her when she can read, which I know seems like a trillion years away, but it's not. She is so cute!!