Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boob Tube

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but from the beginning I haven't been a huge fan of breastfeeding. I stuck with it this far because I know it is the "right thing" (damn you modern medicine and all your research) for my baby and maybe a little bit to prove something to my mom and grandmother who think it is ridiculous that I am not giving the baby formula (which is apparently the solution to every problem we have had, despite the pediatrician saying the complete opposite).

Lately, as Gemma and I are getting more used to our respective roles as dinner and diner I am starting to see some of the silver lining in this milk-filled cloud. One of these new found perks (could that be a pun or not quite?) is that I get the opportunity to guiltlessly watch hours of television and no one can judge me because I am tied down with a baby.

So random observations from TV as of late-my apologies if I am late on any of these.

  • One of my most embarrassing TV indulgences of the summer was Big Brother. I have never watched the show but made a pointed effort to watch it this summer as I had a lot of time to waste and it came on constantly-literally 3 times a week and then every night on Showtime for 3 hours they had a special "After Dark" unedited show. Last night was the finale and Jordan won. She was one of the good guys of the show and I wanted her to win. I like it when the good guys win sometimes.
  • Obama calling Kanye a jackass literally made my life.
  • I keep seeing previews for Accidentally on Purpose-A new show that is premeirng next week about a woman who gets pregnant from a one night stand and then decides to keep the baby and ends up living with the baby's daddy-hilarity ensues. I am equal parts fascinated and irritated by the concept of this show. I am facinated in the way that unexpected pregnancy is kind of the theme of my life right now so I feel that it is relatable in some sense and also I think it is an interesting representation of how far we have come in our country as far as what is considered acceptable or unacceptable for television and even more generally a statement on the acceptability of certain social behavior. I am irritated because of course the 20 something guy who gets this woman pregnant decides to be involved with both the baby and mom...I just feel like that is unrealistic. Then again, there is a good chance I am bitter...
  • For some reason Top Chef is really boring this season. I saw an old episode today and it reminded me how good that show used to be. Maybe it is just me? Yawn.
  • I was actually really excited by Kate Gosselin as a co-host on The View but was definitely underwhelmed. I feel she did the same old, "it is all for the kids", song and dance she has been doing for months. Another huge yawn.
  • I really need something to replace my pregnancy addiction to pregnancy related shows. Baby Story, Deliver Me, Bringing Home Baby, Birth Day- I have been there, done that, and am interested in something new.
I could probably go on but my daddy is going to be home soon so I think I will start dinner. Are there any suggestions on shows I should be watching? Is there anything you are looking forward to this fall?

Like I said, I definitely have plenty of time to watch :)

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  1. I'm a Big Brother addict too. Nothing wrong with that! :)