Monday, September 7, 2009

11 Thoughts for 11 Days

In No Particular Order

  1. Even though I realize that Gemma's smiles are pretty much just reflexes, they still make me swoon.
  2. I have always heard that people forget the pain of childbirth soon after...I still haven't, and I am pretty sure I won't be having any kids for as long as I can remember!
  3. I worry when she sleeps too little and I worry when she sleeps too much. I worry when she eats too little and I worry when she eats too much. I have a feeling that this worry is pretty permanent.
  4. The way I feel about this baby is indescribable. I love her so intensely, yet she kind of feels like a complete stranger who has hi-jacked my life. I feel a little guilty for typing that.
  5. I though that sleepers for babies were practical. 19 billion snaps is far from practical. The alternative sleep gowns are always from 0-6 months which means she is swimming in them...what is a girl to do about nightwear?
  6. Breastfeeding is HARD.
  7. Throughout my life I have always complained about how hard it is to switch sleep routines, yet now it switches everyday and as long as I got sleep I am happy.
  8. I have lost 28 pounds so far...maybe only a pound or two shy of what I gained throughout the entire pregnancy. I now secretly smile at myself when I pass by mirrors as long as I don't focus on my eyebrows (which desperately needed to be done weeks ago) or think about how my stomache looks (like bread dough that has been mauled by a wild cat).
  9. 11 Days later I am just feeling like I am emerging from a post baby daze. I feel like I have been walking around in a fog since she was born.
  10. Yesterday, I thought it would have been cute to do a "10 Thoughts for 10 Days" post but never got around to it. There is so much I wish I could say here everyday and I just don't have the time. Hopefully I can get back at it soon, I don't want to forget these early days. As hard as they are now I know I will miss them later.
  11. I have been completely obsessed with taking pictures of her even though she is pretty much just always sleeping.


  1. she is absolutely adorable...she has so much hair! congratulations...and yeah that worry is going to be there forever! :)

  2. Oh she is just SO beautiful! What a gorgeous baby :) I used to keep Spencer in gowns and she was a preemie, so they were big on her, but I just thought of it as an extra blanket. I also bought EVERY single sleeper that zipped up that I could find. There aren't many out there, but if you can find them, buy a bunch.

    I'm so glad you're adjusting to the new normal. It took me longer cause of the c-section and not being able to walk up stairs for 6 wks- I just always felt like a stranger to myself. How's your family doing with the Gemma addition?

  3. Christina-Thank You!

    Katie-Thank you too! I will definitely be on the lookout for sleepers with zippers. I haven't seen many while I was out but they sound wonderful.

    As far as adjusting to the new normal, I am definitely up and down. Sometimes I feel like I really have it together and other times if she fusses for too long or some other little blip I feel like a complete and utter disaster.

    I can relate to the feeling like a stranger to yourself. I have looked around many times in the past almost 2 weeks and wondered whose life I am in! A couple of my sorority sisters came to visit and I felt like so strange. Like they knew the real me and this wasn't it.

    My family is pretty good. Of course most of the women have lots of ridiculous advice that hasn't been used in 50 years. My sister is back in school, so unfortunately I don't see her much. She has been a big support while here. My dad is always gone so it has pretty much just been Gemma and I.