Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Got a Big Ol' Butt!

Gemma had her 2 week appointment today, two days earlier than previously scheduled because when I called the lactation nurse over some issues we have been having they had me contact my pediatrician who had me come in.

Apparently, this poor sweet baby has reflux, which may explain why she was less than sweet the past couple of days. She got her very first prescription, for Zantac. I am hoping this calms her fussiness a bit.

I found out she now weighs 8 pounds and 1 ounce, hence the big ol' butt title. She has gained over half of a pound in two weeks. Wow. That seems like a lot to me. At least I know the feedings are "working".

Right now she is passed out in her bassinet. It seems that car rides have about an 80% effectiveness rate when it comes to inducing solid hour or two naps. As bad as it sounds I kinda like it when she is asleep. Not only for the break that it definitely gives me but also because I know she is content and comfortable. Every whimper (like the one I am hearing now)elicits a quick ping of panic and an overwhelming urge to FIX THIS, whatever THIS may be (baby is now contentedly attached to the breast).

Now I am waiting for an in-home appointment at 3:30 for this program called Healthy Families. I think the gist of it is to work on meeting baby's developmental milestones. I am not sure if we will like it or not, but I think it may be worth it to figure out a couple of things to do with Gemma while she is alert and not fussy. At this age, I have no clue what to do with her at this time so I basically just sit and talk with her. Not that there is a lot of time like this but it does exist.

Having this little girl is so up and down. One minute, I feel so strong and confident and like we are really figuring it all out. The next minute I am a puddle of tears and wondering how on Earth we are going to make it to 3 weeks or 1 month or 3 months or whatever that magic age is when things begin to click. I never used to see myself as a person who found comfort in things being black or white but I am starting to think I might be that way. I want to know that I am supposed to feed baby every 2 hours for 25 minutes and then do that and us both be completely satisfied. Unfortunately, motherhood is proving to be nothing like this. I wonder if it is possible to find my old sense of adventure and love for randomness in life and translate that within this new life I am beginning.

On the bright side, today I showered, brushed my teeth, ate a sandwich, made it to an appointment(almost) on time, dropped a prescription off and wrote this blog post... All things that would have been impossible a week ago.

Heck, I might even get these overdue library books returned tomorrow.

Then again, I might not.

But they will get returned...Eventually.

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