Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4 Days Until Baby

Four is my favorite number.

In honor of four being my favorite number I decided I would post about some of my favorite things.

Cheesy, yes, but anything to distract me from the loud tick of my body as I wait for this baby to be born. Also, I really wanted a more upbeat post (these pregnancy hormones have made me a little whiny lately!), if anything to prove I am not a complete nut.

In no particular order, some of my favorite things.

  • Fall. As in the season fall. I love the smells (cinnamon and fallen leaves) and the sort of coziness that they inspire. I love the excitement of school beginning and Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving food and then getting ready for Christmas. It is busy in such a fulfilling way. And Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yum!

This is a picture I took at the pumpkin patch last year, while on the hay ride. The leaves haven't quite changed yet, but it still reminds me of some of the things I love about the season.

  • Sheep. I slept with a stuffed sheep named Lamby up until sometime during this pregnancy where he quit making it in the bed. I desperately wanted the lamb slippers from Bath and Body Works and then when I got them I wore them so much they literally wore out. I think that they are super cute for some reason.
  • My Flat Iron. So this is kind of a superficial favorite, but really it is something I can not live without. I didn't discover hair straighteners until my freshman year of college (how is this even possible?) and I have definitely been cuter ever since!
  • Abby. My little sister. She is the sweetest/funniest/silliest person ever. It was such an adjustment having this person in our lives who we never expected to be, but somehow it just makes so much sense that she is here. Abby is my half sister and I was 21 when she was born!
  • Reading. Ever since I can remember I was the kid with a book in her hand. I love the whole experience of getting "lost" in a book. I read a whole lot of everything, but I do prefer more chick lit/Oprah's Book Club kind of stuff as embarrassing as that is. (One of my short term goals is to begin reading books with more substance, it is tough though!)
  • The scents of honeysuckle and lilac. My two favorites in the whole world. I know florals are a little old lady-ish but they make me happy. There is something so sweet and romantic about them!
  • Being barefoot. Shoes are completely overrated.
  • Sweet Tea. I actually hesitated to put this one on here because I feel that loving sweet tea has almost become a cliche, but I couldn't list my favorite things without including it. We grew up always having a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge (and still do!).
I have more but all of a sudden I feel so wiped out. The joys of being 9 months pregnant!

-4 Days Until Baby

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  1. Oh I love sweet tea, too!! I don't think it's possible to be from the south and not like it, although I have met a few of them and I think they're weird, haha! I didn't discover hair straighteners until I was in college, either. Well, I'd tried a cheapola one at a friend's house but it did nothing but give me straight frizz. Then one of my sorority sisters tried this one she bought in Italy and it straightened my hair in like 5 minutes. I saved and saved and finally was able to afford it and it still works like a charm!

    Only 4 days, yea!!!