Thursday, August 6, 2009

23 Days Until Baby

One more doctor's appointment (I had to look that up!) down and only 3 or 4 left to go!

My mom and my youngest sister, A, came along for the appointment. My mom was still holding out hope that I would get the ultrasound I was long ago promised (I didn't) and A was along for the ride because the appointment happened to be at 2, right when she gets out of the babysitters.

A is my half sister and she will be 2 this September. If any of you has ever met a 2 year old you know how much fun they can be and also how not fun they can be sometimes. Her behavior today was actually somewhere in the middle. It would have been fun in normal circumstances but it was completely doctor's office inappropriate.

By the time the doctor had made it to my room, A had hit the pedals that moved the bed up and down about 10 times, completely shredded the paper lining on the bed, and filled the sink with the shredded paper.

She also asked to see my stomach and made a sympathetic face, as she thought my stretch marks were "boo-boos". Thanks for the ego boost sis!

When the doctor came in she also tried to steal her attention. I think it is so interesting to see young children that you are close to interact with people that they do not know as well. You see little quirks in their personality you have never seen before. Hints of shyness or attempts at showing off. She tried giving away the keys and carrying on a conversation for about five minutes before the appointment could start.

Beyond the distraction of my appointment there wasn't much noteworthy about this appointment (except that the baby is healthy which is always I a nerd for saying that?). Weight is okay, baby is growing well, I don't have GBS .

I asked her how big she thought the baby was and explained to her that I was worried as I was an almost 9 pound baby. She estimated that the baby is currentlyabout 6 pounds but also said that her guess was "extremely inaccurate".


Confession:Part of me wants to be some hippy mom-to-be, who wants minimum intervention in pregnancy and during delivery but deep down...

I want the extra ultrasound just to tell me how big my baby is, even though you know she is healthy. I want to be checked every week to know whether or not I am dilated even though it won't really help me predict when I deliver. I want the epidural because hours and hours of agony does not seem worth personal satisfaction to me (I realize that there are other reasons many women choose to avoid epidurals. I am not sold on any of them.).

Maybe the most noteworthy piece of info gleaned from this appointment was that the doctor strongly advised against my beach trip. After looking at the calendar and realizing that I would be returning 5 days before my due date she seemed hesitant to give me the okay but also resigned. As she said, I am going to do what I want to do anyway... I guess it is just a matter of deciding what it is that I want to do. At this point my plan is to wait until my next appointment on Friday and see if I am dilated. If I am at all I won't go but if I am not I will most likely go...

Decisions, Decisions.

-23 Days Until Baby

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  1. I have a 3 year old grandson that I am raising and I could completely imagine your doctor's appt in my mind. You just never know what you're gonna get with those little ones! I suppose all of her antics were like you said "somewhere in between" as funny as it was, it could have been worse. Lol. I hope you get to go to the beach for some relaxation before the little one comes, but I think you're smart to make that decision after your doctor's appt. I am following your lovely blog to find out if you get to go or not, how much the baby weighs, and the further antics of "A". Lol.