Monday, August 3, 2009

27 & 26 Days Until Baby

So apparently I HAVE been having Braxton Hicks contractions, I am just kind of out of touch with my body and I usually can't feel them.

I found this out at labor and delivery...I called my mom crying because of back pain...C offered to call L&D for me and I let her. They said to come in to check, just to make sure it wasn't back labor. I was pretty sure it wasn't but eventually relented and went in to be checked. Of course, cervix is still fully closed.

The baby was a little lazy on the monitor for a while, but perked up at the pressure of the little disc things they put on my stomach.

The back pain is still pretty crazy. They just said take tylenol and maybe get a maternity belt...

I think I am finally seeing the side of pregnancy that so many women complain about. Not that I haven't complained before but now I really see what the fuss is over!!!

At least it is close. Really, really close.

-26 Days Until Baby

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