Tuesday, August 11, 2009

18 Days Until Baby

Somehow, I am no longer following any blogs.

Earlier today I was following like 50...

How could they all disappear?

I am kind of bummed.

Maybe I just needed to start over?

-18 Days Until Baby


  1. It's happened to everyone, don't worry. On the google/blogger help page they said it should be restored pretty soon. It is very annoying though. But all the blogs that you follow are automatically put into your Google Reader, and those are intact. So you can still see what's going on. I hope everything is okay with you and the little one :)

  2. hey my name is danielle and I am interested in the rant you did about a specific breats pump. I was looking into the playtex embrace and hope maybe you could tell me how you got yours for free. I have a daughter named natalie elizabeth who is 13 months old now and just recently found out that I am five weeks pregnant. When my daughter was born I used (borrowed from my grandparents bestfriends daughter) a fancy medala symphony. I mainly wanted to breastfeed but knew I needed a pump for when we were not at home. I hurt a lot between the two. Mostly because I got bit but also because I wasn't producing enough and had to do it so often. I wish you much luck with your upcoming birth and would like it, only if you have time, to tell me what you personally think of that pump and how you got it. My email address is mommy1255@yahoo.com