Friday, August 7, 2009

22 Days Until Baby

Riding home from my brother's house I told my dad that we should make sure to stop by the potato chip place some weekend in September. They make the BEST sweet potato chips and they are so yummy fresh. They sell them in big, clear plastic bags and they feel like something really indulgent and special.

While we were talking I realized that by September the baby will be here. It won't be a simple, hop-in-the-car kind of event. There will be a car seat to juggle, feedings to schedule around, and diapers to bring.

Obviously this should all be...well, obvious, but I really don't think I have really come to terms or even made an attempt to acknowledge how drastically my life is going to change in a very short time.

The days have ticked by, one by one by one and here I am...Only 22 days left, just over 3 weeks.

I am not sure if I am still waiting for it to "hit", or even if it is realistic to expect a hit. Maybe it just sort of happens and you are to busy to realize when the transition to reality from sureality takes place.

I am so not ready. I am excited, and happy, and anxious for the time to come but I have no idea how to prepare myself for the hugest change my life has ever seen.

-22 Days Until Baby

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