Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Day

She was born today at 3:04 P.M.

7 lbs 8 oz

20 inches long

Gorgeous (with a head full of hair!)

After 18 hours of back labor with an epidural that only worked on one side!

Will post pictures and stuff soon.

And a name...if I ever pick one.

-Baby Day

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4 Days Until Baby

Four is my favorite number.

In honor of four being my favorite number I decided I would post about some of my favorite things.

Cheesy, yes, but anything to distract me from the loud tick of my body as I wait for this baby to be born. Also, I really wanted a more upbeat post (these pregnancy hormones have made me a little whiny lately!), if anything to prove I am not a complete nut.

In no particular order, some of my favorite things.

  • Fall. As in the season fall. I love the smells (cinnamon and fallen leaves) and the sort of coziness that they inspire. I love the excitement of school beginning and Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving food and then getting ready for Christmas. It is busy in such a fulfilling way. And Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yum!

This is a picture I took at the pumpkin patch last year, while on the hay ride. The leaves haven't quite changed yet, but it still reminds me of some of the things I love about the season.

  • Sheep. I slept with a stuffed sheep named Lamby up until sometime during this pregnancy where he quit making it in the bed. I desperately wanted the lamb slippers from Bath and Body Works and then when I got them I wore them so much they literally wore out. I think that they are super cute for some reason.
  • My Flat Iron. So this is kind of a superficial favorite, but really it is something I can not live without. I didn't discover hair straighteners until my freshman year of college (how is this even possible?) and I have definitely been cuter ever since!
  • Abby. My little sister. She is the sweetest/funniest/silliest person ever. It was such an adjustment having this person in our lives who we never expected to be, but somehow it just makes so much sense that she is here. Abby is my half sister and I was 21 when she was born!
  • Reading. Ever since I can remember I was the kid with a book in her hand. I love the whole experience of getting "lost" in a book. I read a whole lot of everything, but I do prefer more chick lit/Oprah's Book Club kind of stuff as embarrassing as that is. (One of my short term goals is to begin reading books with more substance, it is tough though!)
  • The scents of honeysuckle and lilac. My two favorites in the whole world. I know florals are a little old lady-ish but they make me happy. There is something so sweet and romantic about them!
  • Being barefoot. Shoes are completely overrated.
  • Sweet Tea. I actually hesitated to put this one on here because I feel that loving sweet tea has almost become a cliche, but I couldn't list my favorite things without including it. We grew up always having a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge (and still do!).
I have more but all of a sudden I feel so wiped out. The joys of being 9 months pregnant!

-4 Days Until Baby

Monday, August 24, 2009

9, 8, 7, 6, & 5 Days Until Baby

I peed the bed.

And then I went to the hospital.

I woke up around 3:30 a.m. for my typical bathroom break in the middle of the night routine. Laid back down. Was almost asleep when I felt the gush.




I called my mom and told her that my water broke. She said she would be at my house in 15 minutes to pick me up. She called me back 5 minutes later which woke my dad up. I told him my water broke which was kind of awkward...And that I would call him at 6 or 7 with an update.

I got to the hospital and the ladies in the front were all smiley and excited for me.

Then the evil nurse checked me, said that I was still only dilated a fingertip and my water had definitely not broken.

I was so mean to her. I felt that she was somewhat to blame for the entire situation. As soon as I walked in she said that maybe it wasn't my water. Maybe she had it in for me?

There was a puddle of fluid on my bed lady. A puddle. And I smelled it. Don't you think that at 23 years old I would know what my own pee smells like?

Apparently not.

The nurse said that the baby had most likely kicked my bladder and caused me to pee. I actually have heard of this before (thanks baby center), but definitely thought I would know if that was the case with me. What kind of idiot goes to the hospital for peeing the bed. They should be hiding in shame someplace, right?

Making matters worse, I had been in L&D a mere 8 hours prior because I was having blurred vision and feeling really sick. (In the end it was my blood pressure going up because the baby was laying on an artery.)

I guess that my trip frequency was an indication to the nurse that I was a big fat faker so she started to give me some inspirational speech about how the apple will come when it is ripe.

It's not about the fricken' ripe apple lady. It is about all of the crazy shit that my body is doing that you are telling me means nothing and I just want to sit here and pout.

I am feeling at more of a loss than ever. I can't trust my own judgement at all so how will I know when it is "time?"

I swear, I am not leaving for the hospital again until I am completely blind or I see baby body parts hanging out.

-5 Days Until Baby

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 Days Until Baby


10 Days.

That is like officially countdown worthy... I can't believe my due date is in a week and a half.

I would like to say it flew by or that it has dragged on forever...but hasn't. Time passed, as it does, and now here I am.


Ok, as that is beginning to sink on I think I will move on to the beach thing.

I had started a post about this last week but things got hectic and I was being long winded and taking to long to finish it so I never did. :)

So last Wednesday I ended up in the hospital with a Pre-Eclampsia scare. I had been feeling dizzy and swollen and strange so the doctor had me come in. My blood pressure was slightly elevated so they sent me to the hospital. My blood work and such came back fine. They noticed I was having a few contractions and noticed that I had dilated to 1 cm (my first bit of progress!) and then I was discharged since everything was okay. My doctor also told me not to go to the beach and to make an appointment for her in the middle of this week, canceling the appointment I had last Friday since she had just seen me in the hospital.

I came home and told my dad that I couldn't go to the beach, that was my decision, and that I was bummed about but would do what I had to do.

While this was happening I noticed the contractions that had been brought to my attention by the monitor at the hospital were continuing and felt stronger.

My mom called, and when I told her this she asked if I wanted to come stay the night with her at her house so she could keep an eye on me and make sure everything was okay.

Let me interupt myself to say my mom is somewhat of a drama queen. I mean that in the nicest way possible, and I am sure her intentions are good, it is just that sometimes her actions are extreme.

So when I got to my mom's house she told me to tell her when I was having these contractions so that we could time them. For about 2 hours I was having contractions every 5 minutes and they HURT. I was also having a TON of back pain and peeing every 3 minutes (my apologies for the TMI). My mom told me that I should go back into the hospital to be monitored.

I wasn't sure what to do. When I had left the hospital the nurse said come in with contractions 5 minutes apart but the doctor corrected her to say 3 contractions in 10 minutes... I knew these were only 5 minutes apart but with some prodding from my mom and my own building excitement I called L&D and asked them what to do. Of course, they gave me the standard answer of it is better safe than sorry, if I felt I needed to come in please do so, and so on and so forth.

That was basically all the encouragement I needed so I was off again. The contractions continued but there were no cervical changes and I was sent home.

This DEPRESSED me. Not that I have any huge desire for this baby to come super early (or early at all for that matter) but I didn't understand the pain for nothing. And I was sooo embarrassed.

Then I decided I would go to the beach, not worry about pregnancy or impending labor... I decided I would go and relax and just basically enjoy myself as much as possible.

Sunday morning we were off. I rode down with my dad and my sister. We made stops every hour and a half so that I could keep circulation going and such. I survived a 7 hour drive with only minimal swelling and I was so happy.

The first day went well, I read a book (this was a huge accomplishement for me, I haven't been able to finish a book all summer!), I went out on the ocean. The next day was good too... Swam in the pool, browsed through some shops. I was really happy about my decision.

Then somehow it was like a switch had been flipped. I started to feel really negative about being down there and wanted to be home. It was too hot, I felt like I couldn't participate much. I was afraid to walk around shops because I was afraid my water was going to break and I would be forced to deliever the baby in another state.

The thought of my mother not being there AND being with a strange doctor were way to much to handle. I got all emotional and started crying. For an hour or two there was a big debate about who could come pick me up from the beach. Even more crying. Eventually my dad (literally the best dad ever) decided he would take me home. I felt guilty but he told me to get over it and let's go.

We left at 8 p.m. and got home around 1:30 a.m. My dad and my sister stayed at the house for about 5 minutes and then were back on the road. I haven't talked to them yet today (I am assuming they are getting much needed sleep!) to see when they got back, but I am guessing it was somewhere around 7 this morning.

And now, here I am. I feel terrible about wasting people's time and energy. I wish I had of just listened to the doctor in the first place. I still feel like I would rather be at the beach than here but if the baby does come I am so relieved that I will be here...

I think coming back was the right thing to do.

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment and I am interested to see what she has to say... I am still kind of hoping that she isn't born until Suday at least, so that my whole family will be here.

After that, as bad as it sounds, I am all for her coming whenver she wants. I have heard that babies make a lot of progress between 37-39 weeks but I think at 39 weeks she should be pretty much perfect so by all means LO...

If you are ready...So am I... I think???

-10 Days Until Baby

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 & 11 Days Until Baby


Doctor said don't go to the beach.
I did it anyway.
Chickened out and just took the 5 hour ride back home, 2 days after getting there.

No baby yet.

Sleep, and will update more tomorrow :)

-11 Days Until Baby

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

18 Days Until Baby

Somehow, I am no longer following any blogs.

Earlier today I was following like 50...

How could they all disappear?

I am kind of bummed.

Maybe I just needed to start over?

-18 Days Until Baby

Monday, August 10, 2009

20 & 19 Days Until Baby

Independence, how I miss thee.

As I have mentioned before, I just graduated from college this past May.

I loved college so much I turned my 4 year experience into 5 (by adding a sociology double major...I am sure that will come in handy ;) )

In those 5 long, glorious years away from home I truly was independent. I was lucky to have my own living space for all of college. I think I only spent 2 semesters out of my 10 with actual roommates (as in share an actual room, roommates). I lived 3 hours from my hometown which personally I think is perfect...It provided the perfect balance between being close enough that I could go home for a weekend just because I felt like it but I didn't have to worry about any unexpected visits from my family.

Also, after my first year of college I have paid for everything. A combination of loans and financial aid and odd jobs paid for my tuition, room, board, books, spending money, EVERYTHING, for the past four years. It wasn't easy but it wasn't exactly a terrible struggle either.

I loved this life. I loved not having to answer to anyone. I didn't have to tell anyone where I was going or what I was buying. Everything in my life was mine, I didn't have to share, I didn't owe anything to anyone else. I was as close to an independent woman as any undergraduate could be.

And then May came. I had just finished school and I was 5 months pregnant, jobless, homeless...single.

My only realistic option was to move back home. So I did.

At first it was like any other holiday and just kept going...and it still is.

I haven't had a job since I have left school so I have spent a lot of time doing...well nothing. Any money I had at one point has completely dwindled down to nothing.

I went from everything in my life being MINE to nothing in my life being MINE.

My car is my dad's. My room is my dad's. This glass that I am drinking tea out of is my dad's. Even the tea is my dad's.

I have to give my sister rides because, after all, it's NOT MY car. I have to cook dinner because it is the least I can do for having a place to live.

It's not that I am unappreciative. Honestly, my dad's expectations are not even unreasonable.

I just miss MY LIFE. MY THINGS.

I miss having control.

Realistically, I am thinking it will be January before I am back on my feet and NEXT August is the soonest I can even consider moving on...

How am I going to survive?

Baby, please come distract me.

-19 Days Until Baby

Saturday, August 8, 2009

21 Days Until Baby...

After a long, long day in the hot, hot sun I am feeling kinda lazy and figured I would give my survey update since it has been a few weeks!

  • How far along?: 37 weeks

  • Total weight gain: Somewhere between 22-27 pounds

  • How big is baby?: My doctor said somewhere around 6 pounds.

  • Maternity clothes?: Umm...few and far between. I live in big T-shirts and sleep shorts mostly and use the same 2 pairs of jean capris and whatever the biggest shirt that I have around that is clean when I am going out anywhere.

  • Stretch marks?:I have a good sized patch on the left side and a few on the right side as well.

  • Sleep?: I want MORE!

  • Best moment this week?: Finally getting those last few baby items! (Sling and Diaper Bag)

  • Movement?: She moves! Definitely not like super crazt but I feel it!

  • Food cravings?: I really, really want delivery pizza SOOOOO badly. I haven't had it yet. I have been eating lots of Ramen. I am pretty much really hungry and really lazy at the same time so my diet mostly consists of whats available.

  • Labor signs?: A few Braxton Hicks but that's it.

  • Belly button in or out?: Flat.

  • What I miss: Having cute feet...and having ankles at all.

  • What I'm looking forward to: Meeting my baby in the next month. Soooo crazy.
  • Milestone: 37 weeks means I am FULL TERM! CRAZY!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

22 Days Until Baby

Riding home from my brother's house I told my dad that we should make sure to stop by the potato chip place some weekend in September. They make the BEST sweet potato chips and they are so yummy fresh. They sell them in big, clear plastic bags and they feel like something really indulgent and special.

While we were talking I realized that by September the baby will be here. It won't be a simple, hop-in-the-car kind of event. There will be a car seat to juggle, feedings to schedule around, and diapers to bring.

Obviously this should all be...well, obvious, but I really don't think I have really come to terms or even made an attempt to acknowledge how drastically my life is going to change in a very short time.

The days have ticked by, one by one by one and here I am...Only 22 days left, just over 3 weeks.

I am not sure if I am still waiting for it to "hit", or even if it is realistic to expect a hit. Maybe it just sort of happens and you are to busy to realize when the transition to reality from sureality takes place.

I am so not ready. I am excited, and happy, and anxious for the time to come but I have no idea how to prepare myself for the hugest change my life has ever seen.

-22 Days Until Baby

Thursday, August 6, 2009

23 Days Until Baby

One more doctor's appointment (I had to look that up!) down and only 3 or 4 left to go!

My mom and my youngest sister, A, came along for the appointment. My mom was still holding out hope that I would get the ultrasound I was long ago promised (I didn't) and A was along for the ride because the appointment happened to be at 2, right when she gets out of the babysitters.

A is my half sister and she will be 2 this September. If any of you has ever met a 2 year old you know how much fun they can be and also how not fun they can be sometimes. Her behavior today was actually somewhere in the middle. It would have been fun in normal circumstances but it was completely doctor's office inappropriate.

By the time the doctor had made it to my room, A had hit the pedals that moved the bed up and down about 10 times, completely shredded the paper lining on the bed, and filled the sink with the shredded paper.

She also asked to see my stomach and made a sympathetic face, as she thought my stretch marks were "boo-boos". Thanks for the ego boost sis!

When the doctor came in she also tried to steal her attention. I think it is so interesting to see young children that you are close to interact with people that they do not know as well. You see little quirks in their personality you have never seen before. Hints of shyness or attempts at showing off. She tried giving away the keys and carrying on a conversation for about five minutes before the appointment could start.

Beyond the distraction of my appointment there wasn't much noteworthy about this appointment (except that the baby is healthy which is always I a nerd for saying that?). Weight is okay, baby is growing well, I don't have GBS .

I asked her how big she thought the baby was and explained to her that I was worried as I was an almost 9 pound baby. She estimated that the baby is currentlyabout 6 pounds but also said that her guess was "extremely inaccurate".


Confession:Part of me wants to be some hippy mom-to-be, who wants minimum intervention in pregnancy and during delivery but deep down...

I want the extra ultrasound just to tell me how big my baby is, even though you know she is healthy. I want to be checked every week to know whether or not I am dilated even though it won't really help me predict when I deliver. I want the epidural because hours and hours of agony does not seem worth personal satisfaction to me (I realize that there are other reasons many women choose to avoid epidurals. I am not sold on any of them.).

Maybe the most noteworthy piece of info gleaned from this appointment was that the doctor strongly advised against my beach trip. After looking at the calendar and realizing that I would be returning 5 days before my due date she seemed hesitant to give me the okay but also resigned. As she said, I am going to do what I want to do anyway... I guess it is just a matter of deciding what it is that I want to do. At this point my plan is to wait until my next appointment on Friday and see if I am dilated. If I am at all I won't go but if I am not I will most likely go...

Decisions, Decisions.

-23 Days Until Baby

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

25 & 24 Days Until Baby

The past couple days have been relatively good days!

Yesterday one of my sorority sisters came and visited me for the day. It was an unexpected visit (I had just found out the day before!) but we made the best of it.

I did more yesterday than I have done all summer! We went out to lunch and then to a movie and then to a fair. I forgot what it was like to have a busy day :) By the end of it my feet were swollen, my back was throbbing, and I yawned every 30 seconds...It was worth it though!

Today I have slept and slept and slept. And my diaper bag came!

I am just getting motivated to start my day...slowly but surely.

-24 Days Until Baby

(P.S. I only have a QUARTER of the days left that I had at the beginning of this blog!)

Monday, August 3, 2009

27 & 26 Days Until Baby

So apparently I HAVE been having Braxton Hicks contractions, I am just kind of out of touch with my body and I usually can't feel them.

I found this out at labor and delivery...I called my mom crying because of back pain...C offered to call L&D for me and I let her. They said to come in to check, just to make sure it wasn't back labor. I was pretty sure it wasn't but eventually relented and went in to be checked. Of course, cervix is still fully closed.

The baby was a little lazy on the monitor for a while, but perked up at the pressure of the little disc things they put on my stomach.

The back pain is still pretty crazy. They just said take tylenol and maybe get a maternity belt...

I think I am finally seeing the side of pregnancy that so many women complain about. Not that I haven't complained before but now I really see what the fuss is over!!!

At least it is close. Really, really close.

-26 Days Until Baby

Saturday, August 1, 2009

28 Days Until Baby

I am 36 Weeks Pregnant.

Only 4 weeks left until my due date...a maximum of 5 weeks until delivery.


I made my last 2 purchases today (well, like 30 minutes ago at 2 a.m.) as far as desired baby gear go. Both purchases were found on clearance AND purchased with gift cards so I can be super proud of my thriftiness.

I found this diaper bag that was originally $63.00 for only $33.00. I paid almost $40.00 after taxes and S&H, which I probably would have decided was too much, but for some reason my 15% off of the bag (a current BRU promotion, which would have negated the cost of shipping) disappeared at checkout and since I had been thinking way too hard about the purchase I didn't realize that the discount was no longer applied until I was printing out the confirmation paper.

I am seriously considering calling Babies R Us tomorrow and trying to get refunded that $4.50 or however much it is. It is kind of extra thrifty (ahem, cheap), but I guess that is what being pregnant and jobless does to you!

Overall, I think I am pretty happy with the purchase (even though I will be happier if I get that refund!). I have been eyeing the Skip Hop diaper bags for a while and although this wasn't my first choice I think it is going to be a hell of a lot better than using the free diaper bag that they give you at the hospital which was my plan as I couldn't justify spending money on any of the bags that I saw at Target or Wal-Mart or in store at Babies R Us because I HATED them all.

My other big purchase was a baby sling!

I am really interested in baby wearing and I had originally wanted a Moby Wrap but I saw on Baby Cheapskate that this sling was on clearance at Wal-Mart for only $25, and since I money on gift cards (and honestly, because I thought it was cute) I decided I would try this sling out. From the research I have done it seems like carriers are just a matter of personal preference so I guess it can't hurt to try this one out.

It is still hard for me to believe that pretty soon all of this planning and preparing is going to be over and it is going to be living and enjoying instead. Crazy.

-28 Days Until Baby