Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adequately Whelmed

I've been over adequately whelmed with life lately. I think the biggest change for me has been working a 40 hour work week for the first time in my life. By the time I get home in the evenings, fix dinner, give Gemma a bath, clean up some, pack lunches and clothes for the next day I am so pooped that I just sort of sink into my bed, watch t.v. or scholarship hunt for an hour or two, and then pass out until it is time to do it all over again...

There is no new news on the grad school front. I have officially been accepted, but haven't heard anything about aid or when classes start or anything so there is nothing to report there.

Gemma is doing well. She has gained a little weight and is back up to the 10th percentile which is her normal. Huge sigh of relief. She had pink eye last week, but I think that ooey gooey hell is finally over, thank the Lord. Here is some crappy picture phone evidence:

I feel like I am having very little time to connect with myself or the things that I enjoy (like blogging) lately. I know it can be done and ultimately it is up to me to prioritize and restructure my life, but to be honest...I can barely keep my room clean! My clothes are washed and dumped in baskets until I wear them, library books are overdue, and I think my car hasn't been washed in a month...at least...

Oh, and I have gained about 5 pounds.

On the bright side...

I am finally moving towards  a future that excites me.

I am making more money.

I have family support.

Gemma is HYSTERICAL (this might need it's own post)

And I am growing up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

30 Second Update

New job is much busier, but definitely an improvement.

Obligatory Easter Photo:

I watched this movie and quit eating meat. For now at least. 

Mother's Day was celebrated with brunch at my grandma's with lots of family and friends...


I got in to grad school!

Stay tuned for a longer post...

Somehow this one still took 5 minutes.

Geesh, I wish the monster who is eating my time would go on somewhere...