Saturday, May 30, 2009

91 Days Until Baby

Today, I am Officially 27 Weeks Pregnant!

Only 13 More Weeks to Go!

Some sources say this is the begining of the 3rd trimester. For the sake of patience though I will wait until next week to declare it official. (Alhough, mathematically 27 weeks makes sense!)

Regardless of which trimester I am in there are definitely big things happening for baby this week, such as:

  • Weighing a little over 2 pounds
  • A greater than 90% chance of survival if born now (knock on wood that she waits a long while for this though!)
  • Lungs are capable of breathing air
  • Fully formed, all that's left is to grow larger
I can't believe I made it this far. I remember being terrified of having an incompetent cervix when I was 18 weeks. I could not wait to make it to 24 weeks, and here I am 3 weeks past that with  a perfectly healthy pregnancy. I truly am blessed!

As far as my "symptoms", they are not too bad. I am a little achy and tired, but that is to be expected. Heartburn is still killer. I think I am going to have to make the diet changes to get rid of that though, I have been eating whatever I feel like so it is kind of my fault. 

My weight gain seems pretty much on track. I weigh 153.8 today, which I guess is about a 16.8 pound weight gain. I am assuming I was between 135 and 140 when I got pregnant, so I just say that I was 137. This was actually a record high for me though, as I had been around 120 and in 4 years or so it had begun to creep up that high. Yikes. Hopefully I can get back around 120 sometime after the baby is born. Use nursing to my advantage! Anyway, my old Dr. told me at my first appointment you should gain 1/2 a pound a week the first 20 weeks and then a pound a week after that which would be 17 pounds. Technically, I am almost PERFECT then ;)

The only other issue I have been having is swelling feet. I don't notice anything but a little stinging, but other people can tell by looking at my feet. Maybe if I could see my feet I would be able to tell myself!

Yikes, I need sleep!

-91 Days Until Baby

Friday, May 29, 2009

92 Days Until Baby

So today is an exciting day!

I have pictures that I actually took myself. I was planning on telling you about my day chronologically, but since I am having technical difficulties (yes posting pictures, and yes I really am that technologically incapable...) I am going to write about my day in a way that the order of the pictures came up.

I went to my mom's house today... This is nothing unusual, I typically visit her four or five days a week. A lot of my family on that side of the family lives there so when I get bored I just sort of head up for short visits. Anyway, the house is sort of in the mountains so there is always random wildlife-y things and today we saw a SNAKE!!!

Yikes! My two biggest fears in life are snakes and death so this really creeped me out. I guess now would be a good time to admit that I did not take this picture (as implied in my long winded introduction that I had taken the pictures in this post.) In fact, I can't even tell you who did take the picture because as soon as I saw the snake I ran into the house and hid. Even though I was on a porch before, perfectly protected and far away from the snake. So lame :) My cousin was convinced that it was poisonous and I am pretty sure it wasn't. 

When I got home, I actually had cell phone service so I got to text some of my friends. I even had a phone call from someone my own age! (sarcasm, in case it isn't properly translating) 

It was so good getting to talk to my friend Z. I just graduated from college (literally, 2 weeks ago) and I moved back home. I live at least an hour away from most of my friends and due to a number of circumstances I am unemployed until the end of October probably. Not only am I far away, but my phone has been acting CRAZY. I live in the middle of town and own an I Phone and I rarely get cell phone service. My friends call or text and I get their messages days later. It sucks! I feel so disconnected already sometimes and this just makes it worse. But, it made today a really surprising treat. It is good to know there are people not related to me who love me still...Even if we never talk! It is interesting that she is feeling many of the same things I am feeling about life and such even though she isn't pregnant...she just graduated too. 

It makes me think that maybe, I would be just as down about things if I had only graduated. It makes me feel lucky to have this baby because even though the timing and situation are far from ideal, she will make this transitional period of my life better. She will be my motivation to move on to the next thing.  Hopefully, she will be my inspiration to achieve everything I have dreamed of for the past 5 years and she will help me create new, better dreams. I really think that I need her. 

Hopefully I can be what she needs too.


That just turned surprisingly deep and sappy. Hormones anyone ;)

My goal with this blog is to avoid emo-ness as often as possible, but I guess every so often it creeps up!

Less creepy today (how is that for a segue) was my yard sale! I woke up an hour later than planned (after K had already finished setting everything up...sorry K!) and stayed out for about 4 hours. It was a pretty slow day, but we made almost $30 which isn't bad for a Friday yard sale. 

Here is a picture of our fancy clothing tent:

We had a bunch of just random stuff, that I am glad to see go. I am not sure what to spend the money on. Maybe maternity clothes? Hold on to it for baby stuff? I am not buying anything baby related until after my shower I could just put it up? I guess I will have to decide...

Something to think about for the night...

-92 Days Until Baby

Thursday, May 28, 2009

94&93 Days Until Baby

I'm officially an old lady.

I bought MATERNITY JEANS!!! Ahhh...

I am slightly traumatized by the idea of them, but I must admit that being reunited with denim has kind of made my day. I swear, it has probably been about 6 weeks (when I was at around 20-21 weeks preg) since I have worn jeans at all. I have had a hard time finding jeans that work because I am short, and I am only really big in the stomach (although the thighs have DEFINITELY grown!). I found Capri-ish jeans so they work! (When I cuff them ;) )

So yesterday I bought the jeans and then today I wore them to my glucose test. Yay! Or not. It was kind of boring. I went by myself and read three Ladies Home Journals while waiting the hour that it takes after drinking the drink to be able to have blood drawn. After I had tired of the magazines I went and checked out the hospital gift shop (I still had about 5 minutes). This really sweet older lady who was working there commented on how small I am to be due in August, and as vain as it is, it made my day! We chatted a little and she also commented that it looked like I am carrying a boy. While I would have been just as happy with a boy I hope not! I would feel so unprepared.

The baby (whose secret pet name in my head is nugget, which I don't use out loud because it makes me sound creepy and *gasp* mom-like) has been lazy today, which I hate. In general, she has had lots of lazy days. I am trying to not worry about it too much, as I have already gone to the ER unnecessarily for this TWICE. So embarrassing. And I think I have felt nudges, so I am probably just being dramatic.

I found out like 2 days ago that soft serve puts you at risk for listeria also! I am bummed, and slightly worried (I had soft-serve on Sunday...and like 3 other times recently), but trying to keep it in check. Sometimes I wish I knew less, but I realize the little sacrifices will make for a healthier baby. I am really gonna miss super cheap McDonalds sundaes though!

Maybe this is a good thing though, my diet has been so bad lately! I need to keep up the really healthy weight gain I have had so far. 

I guess I will just stick to the fruit that I am eating and pretend!

-93 Days Until Baby

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

95 Days Until Baby

Rain Rain Go Away...

Today was such a dreary day...I feel as if this may be the rainiest few months of my life.

It was kind of nice though. I did the family thing with my sister and my daddy.

Target sent me this thing saying that if I registered for the baby there they would give me a free $20 gift card. My registry is still a work in progress, but I brought what I had in and got the gift card. Granted, my loved ones will probably spend a bajillion dollars there because I got that $20 dollars but it is kinda worth it! I want a bathing suit so hopefully this can contribute to the cause :)

The we went to dinner at Red Lobster. I am not a huge fan of chain style restaurants, but it was satisfying and yummy and somewhat of a treat for a yucky Tuesday.

Then we went to Costco...The only interesting thing about that is I almost bought a cell phone but since they wouldn't give me a great price I didn't. Excited by the idea, I had my dad stop at the provider store on the way home and the guy told me the phone I wanted was crummy and suggested this plain looking phone. Not fun. He told me they would have something more my style in a few weeks...

So today was an okay day. 

-95 Days Until Baby

Monday, May 25, 2009

97 & 96 Days Until Baby

Memorial Day weekend. I think it is safe to say that I have consumed more than my fair share of barbecued sauced meats in the past 2 days. Ugh. I have the heartburn to prove it too! But yum, barbecue!

Life is okay. Pretty much the same day by day. Yesterday, at 97 days until baby, I had a sort of emotional breakdown of sorts. I confessed to my dad how not ready I feel for all of the changes that are happening in my life. How unsure I am about my future. How useless I feel right now. How I miss having purpose. How I miss having friends.  I don't think the feelings are always there, just sometimes. I also don't think they have gone away. To some extent I feel what I am feeling is probably normal for all expectant parents. The feeling are probably exacerbated by the fact that this was so far away from my plan. I saw so much in my future and now all of that has to change.

That's not to say I am not excited about what is to come. I have been feeling Baby a lot the past couple days. It is so reassuring. I find myself reading into her personality by her movements. She's not much of a kicker...more of a mover and occasional poker. I am assuming that means she will be more laid back. I really can't wait to meet her, even though she still seems unreal. She will be so loved. That is pretty much the only thing in the future I am sure of. 

I need to work on finding a name for her. I still LOVE Gemma, but my dad hates it and his opinion means too much for me to ignore. If he didn't love it it would be one thing, but he hates it and that is something different entirely. Every time I try to look at names the same 5 names stick out to me and I don't really find anything else. 

Oh, I was thinking I want to include segments in this blog...Like T.V. Tuesdays or something like that, so I can have more than these stream of consciousness posts. I am going to think of something and then let you know.

Today may not be T.V. Tuesday but it was the premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8! So at 22 I am far too young to be excited about this, but with all of the surrounding media scandal, I must admit, I was curious. Watching it I became so sad. They made a lot of money and yes, that will be a huge benefit to their children but they lost each other. Their children lost parents who love each other. I guess being single and pregnant I see such a value in having those family roles (not that everyone doesn't see that value, but you know what I mean) and it is just sad to see what they have traded for the money that fame brought.

On that note ;)

-96 Days Until Baby

Saturday, May 23, 2009

100,99, & 98 Days Until Baby

So I am already slacking on a daily post! Things have been as uneventful as ever, but I am happy. 

Day 100 days until baby was pretty forgetable. I can't think of anything that stands out.

My K (my sister) and I watched the movie Notorious last night (99 Days until baby). I have been soooo excited to see it, but the weekend it came out I had a big sorority event to go to so I wasn't able to make it. 

Let me preface this "review" by saying I am a HUGE Notorious B.I.G. fan... But the movie was dissappointing. It glossed over everything but then made a big deal of what great friends Biggy and Tupac used to be and how hurt Biggy was when Pac thought it was his fault he got robbed. *Yawn*

Needless to say I don't reccomend it.

Today was an okay day. I went to Old Navy because my sister wanted $1 flip flops but they were sold out.

When I came home I spent FOREVER working on my registry. I never realized how much stuff there is for babies. I feel like everything is such a monumental decision. I literally decided not to chose bottles tonight because I need to do research. I think I would have made fun of myself a few months ago!

On an exciting note, my camera charger came in today. Which might mean pictures...That I take...I have been chargerless for literally 5 or 6 months, which is silly because the camera is barely older than that. It is like having a brand new toy :)

Pregnancy wise...I am officially 26 weeks, which means only 14 weeks to go! This is super intimidating. I am not sure how ready I am for this whole mom thing. The whole pregnant thing has been enough of an adjustment. I am finally at a stage where pretty much nothing from before pregnancy fits. It is such a bummer. 

Then again, I am excited to meet baby and see who this little person is. I have such a strong attachement in some ways and in other ways she feels like a stranger still, maybe even further than a stranger. More of an abstract idea than an actual thing. I don't mean that in a hateful way at all. 

I am never sure how to end these things, so I guess I just will. 

Until tomorrow (hopefully!)

-98 days until baby

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

101 Days Until Baby

So today is my first official post, although I plan to try my best to document my journey through young adulthood and into (unexpected) motherhood. I ordered a new camera battery charger today, so hopefully posts in the future will include pictures! I really hope it comes soon.
I also had a doctor's appointment today. She said that the placenta is anterior (in the front) and that the fluid between the baby and the placenta is low which may explain why I have felt so little movement. I am so glad to have an explanation. I knew I wasn't being crazy when I noticed that I wasn't feeling much.
Other baby business has kind of been at a stand still. I don't want to buy many things until the baby shower (which is almost 2 whole months away!). I am excited to get things ready. I think the shopping and picking stuff out is kind of the fun part of pregnancy.
She still needs a name! I am sort of at a loss so I kind of just don't think about it...

Hmmm...This post is kind of dull. Not at all the tone I wanted to set :) I guess I will check in tomorrow and hopefully be a little more interesting!