Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Latest

So, I should be working on a 10 page paper right now.

Or at least showering or cleaning or something.

But I am watching Jersey Shore and effing around on the internet.

I deserve it I think.

So...the latest...

Gemma is so big, beautiful, and bright. She has chunked up a little and weighs 24.5 pounds now. Which I know because I finally got her insurance straight down here. Hallelujah. She is talking so much. The other day she told me that she wanted to put makeup on her face. Seriously Gemma? I have no idea where she got that from because Lord knows I don't have time for makeup these days. 

(Who am I kidding...Lord knows I have never really worn makeup on regular basis.)

Class is going well. It is midterm and like I said I should be working on a 10 page paper that I have due on Tuesday. But I am not. I have 4 pages done already though so that is something, right?

I am interning at the foster agency still. For professional reasons I won't say much except that I love it and it breaks my heart at the same time.

Life here seems to be going well. We have settled in and I am figuring out where things are and how things work. It is exciting to be in  a new place (even if that new place isn't particularly exciting.)

I am headed home soon, which is exciting. 

Gemma doesn't have a Halloween costume yet.

Not so exciting.

I am blabbering now.

Eff it, I should at least tryyy to do a little more work.

Only 18 months to go.