Saturday, July 21, 2012

Parenting Win

I was feeling a little nostalgic today, and was going through old blog posts. Actually, I was looking up how much she weighed when she was born. Don't judge me please.  Way back then I used to post every time she coughed and call it a milestone. It was as I was mocking myself for posting how sad it was that Gemma was turning 29 days old and would no longer be a newborn (seriously self?) that I realized that maybe I should post about the most epic accomplishment in my parenting history.

Gemma falls asleep by herself now.

In case my enthusiasm wasn't properly conveyed by that sentence:


To be fair, she is still sleeping in my bed, and I join her when I am ready to go to sleep. And some nights there is a little bit of fussing.

Either way...




We're looking towards a future where I have me time. 

***ME TIME***

This is almost as a million times more exciting then when she turned 29 days old. 

Like I said...

We're looking forward.

And for now at least, I'm happy about it.