Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's My (Baby's) Party and I'll Cry if I Want Toooooooooo

I was going to start this post by saying that now that Gemma is 9 months old, I have begun planning her first birthday party.

That would have been a lie.

For about...3 months now, at least, I have been planning THE party of the century.

I had a theme picked out. I knew what my menu would be. I knew the location, date, and time of the party.

And then that stupid movie came out. What movie you ask?

This one:

All of a sudden my Alice in "ONE" derland inspired, Mad-Hatter's Tea Pary at the park seemed a little less cute and a little more...creepy. And not only did it seem creepy, but I also started to notice MY PARTY popping up everywhere. I can't stand jumping on a bandwagon, no matter how unintentionally. So the theme had to change.

Alice in "ONE" derland was so not happening.

This weekend, I came up with a plan. I wrote about 10 different party ideas on slips of paper, and then stuck them into plastic easter eggs. I threw all the eggs in the bucket and Gemma pulled out a yellow egg.

The theme?


In theory, I thought the idea wasn't a bad one. The whole, "How the West Was 'ONE'" thing made me giggle, and don't get me started on the idea of my sweet pea in cowgirl boots and a hat. Silly but adorable...or so I thought.

When I finally had THE THEME I had a one on one sesh with my buddy Google and came up with a lot of images that looked more like this:


Than the sweet and pretty variation of a classic theme I had envisioned. Apparently, vision only takes me so far, because page, after page, after page, of Cowgirl got me nowhere.

The Cowgirl theme...not happening.

And now, I feel totally back to square one. I feel like I have researched so many parties, that I may be...over-inspired?  Is that even possible?

Now, I know that Gemma won't even remember this party but I will and I want it to be pretty, damn it!

Where is a girl to go from here?


  1. What if you did like a cupcake theme?? What were some of your other themes? I'm sure you'll come up with something!! Good luck girl! :)

  2. Do you have to do something that is "pre-packaged" pretty? Cowgirl theme can still be very pretty... if you make a lot of your own decor and invitations and such. (That's what I'm doing for Levi's party)

    However, other girly themes could include: princess, just general fairy tale, abby caddaby (if you're sesame street fans), butterfly, ruffles and lace, sweets... I think just about anything can become a theme. I'm sure you've considered all of mine, but still.

    I'm also curious as to what other themes you've considered!

  3. Try a printable party! We did that for our little girls second birthday. A lot of the designers that do them are willing to work with you on themes and customize them to your liking. I loved that we could just print more things at home when more people showed up than we expected. And cowgirl sounds really cute! Good luck!

  4. i LOVED alice in wonderland!
    anyways, you can get personalized party sets.

  5. We are doing a Cowgirl themed party for our daughter's birthday in September. We're creating our own decoration, too, rather than the prepackaged ones.

    Gemma would look so cute in a cowgirl hat and boots!

  6. I was really excited for Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland to come out... Then I heard it wasn't actually Alice In Wonderland and refused to see it, I'm sure it will come in Netflix form one of these days though.
    The cowgirl theme sounds cute but it would be best if you didn't do a pre-packaged party and made the decorations. Another cute, girly one I've seen is ice cream or cupcakes. This page has tons of great ideas:
    Good luck!