Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Question Friday and A 5 Step Blog Hop How-To

I recently got an email from a fellow blogger asking how to link up to blog hops. To be honest, I am terrible at explaining things that I know how to do easily. My brain only works in auto-pilot in certain situations, and breaking it down step by step becomes super difficult. Is it just me, or are other people the same way too?

I was thinking that the easiest way to break it down, might be able to "instruct" as I go along.

Step 1: Find a blog hop you want to particpate in. I find most of the blog hops I participate in, through the blogs that I follow. I am not sure whose blog I found Mama M. through, but today, we will be participating in 5 Question Friday, with Mama M.

Step 2: Write your intro.Usually I would write something like this:

Today, I am participating in 5 Question Friday with Mama M. @ My Little Life!

Step 3: Link back to blog of origin:

Today, I am participating in 5 Question Friday with Mama M. @ My Little Life!

To do this, I first copy the adress of the blog post of the hop itself. Next, I select the text that has the name of the hop, in this case 5 Question Friday and click above, where it says Link. A dialogue box appears, and where it says Link To: I make sure that web address is selected, and paste the address I copied from that post. Sometimes, I will also add a link to the home page of the blog on the name of the blog itself in my intro, as I have done above.  You can take a shortcut sometimes and post a button, like is available at My Little Life, and most of the time, that will do the linking back for you!

Easy Peasy!

Step 4: Do whatever is asked of you, to participate. In this case, you just copy and paste some questions and answer them.

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship?

I think that the truly good friendships, are usually the ones where there is a spark in the beginning. I believe that sometimes we fall into friendship, similarly to how we fall into love. Sometimes, when you are lucky, you meet someone and instantly you connect, feel comfortable, are able to make each other laugh. Not all of my friendships start that way, but those that do, those where I feel like I have known someone since the moment I met them, are friendships that I know will always be there no matter what. The best part is, you can fall into friendship with multiple people, and it is never considered cheating!

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted?

I just spent $60 on groceries in a hormonally fueled binge. Kozy Shack flan, really?
3. Have you ever had a prank played on you?

Hmmm. Little ones maybe, but nothing epic or memorable. I don't think I have a very prankable personality.

4. What is your favorite theme park?
I haven't really been to many. I am one of the few people who makes it to adulthood without ever visiting Disney. If I had to choose, based on the parks I have been to, I would say Busch Gardens in Willimasburg, Virginia. It is one of the prettiest theme parks I have ever been to!

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth?
I was around for most of the labor of an old friend of mine. She was 16 and so was I. It was pretty intense, but my memory is hazy now. The only thing I really remember, is that I had fallen asleep on a couch and I awoke to them breaking her water. Omigoodness. Omigoodness.
Step 5: Publish your post, and then add it to the Linky of the host blog.

After you hit the orange PUBLISH POST button, copy the address of the post where you particpated in the hop. Make sure that you select the link to the individual post as opposed to the home page on your blog. On the host blog, scroll through the list of others who have linked up, and at the bottom of that, you will see something that says something like, "You are next, click here to enter." After clicking, you will see two boxed. One usually says, Link Title or Blog Title. Usually, I will put Kacie@ And Baby Makes Two. Creative, right? In the box that says Link:, paste the link to your post. Hit enter your link, and you are done!

I hope that makes sense to you, you-know-who, and I hope everyone enjoys there weekend. I'll be at work this weekend, so if you are hanging around blog land, I will see you around!

Take Care Y'all!


  1. Don't you hate it when you indulge on crappy food and then regret it later... I do the *same* thing!


  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who never went to Disney World as a child! Sheesh! I still haven't been but would love to take my kids one day...

    Cute blog! :)