Thursday, June 10, 2010

Before I Was a Mama...

my skinny jeans still fit.

I knew the name and artist of every song on the radio.

the weekend started on Thursday.

my phone rang constantly.

morning started whenever I decided to wake up.

there was no time to watch t.v.

but there was plenty of time to read.

a meal could last an entire hour...or even more.

I could even put makeup on if I felt like it.

whenver I shopped, I thought of myself first.

money didn't matter.

love always had boundaries.

friends came before family.

roller coasters weren't scary at all.

I loved life, and was excited for the greatness to come.

Since becoming a mama, all of those have changed.

Except for one.

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  1. Ah I sure miss being able to wake up whenever I want!

  2. Oh how true when you said "a meal could last an entire hour...or even more."

    Hop on over to check out mine at I'm a full-time mummy (Writer's Workshop-Before I Was a Mom...)