Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 10 Months (and Two Days) Gemma!

Above, is one of the best pictures I got of Gemma this month.
(Yes, that is a spoon in her hand, a crumpled receipt on the floor, an Internet cord, and the white stuff behind her is drywall dust from a newly installed shelf.I promise, I clean...sometimes.)

As I sorted through them, many of the pictures looked like this:

Or this:

Gemma was not cooperating...and my signs weren't either!

Gems, mama loves you, but geeze!!!

I have really been surprised by the baby that is before me at the end of this month. My teeny tiny peanut has been replaced with an almost one year old.  And she looks like an almost one year old. And everybody knows that an almost one year old is an almost toddler.

Our baby days are numbered.

Like all things in growing up, it is bittersweet.

Speaking of bittersweet, she can finally freakin' crawl! And crawl she does, this child is making up for all of the lost time she spent rolling on her back. She can cover an entire house in  minutes. I love her newfound independence, and I think she does too. Of course, there is the whole baby wrangling thing for me to contend with, and the whole "please don't eat that/grab that/pull up on that" thing but, I'm managing. Crawling has proven to be more sweet than bitter.

Hmm, what else is new this month. I really need to start writing stuff down as it happens.


You have a few new favorite games. One, is to empty bags, boxes, buckets...anything that contains other things. You are so diligent, and will pull each and every item out, individually, until whatever the container is, is empty.  You like to hand me random little things and have me say, "thank you," and you also like to pretend feed people, either snacks or your bottle. 

Sharing is a good thing!

And on to the boring stuff:

You sleep with me. Naps, night time everything. What can I say? It is what it is...The frustration I feel for having less room to stretch out is (almost) made better by that smile that I get to see as soon as I open my eyes.

I have actually noticed less "words" than less month, but still plenty of babble. Maybe your newfound mobility is distracting you from "talking?" I know it is early still, but I was excited for your "words."

I have no clue your height and weight right now, but we will find out on Friday when you get your ears rechecked. My guess is tall and skinny. You are always tall and skinny.

You are moving into 12 months clothes, although some are too big and you need 9 months. 6-12 months clothing still fits. You wear size 3 diapers.

I am not sure what color your hair is. Light brown? Dirty blonde? Do my readers have any input on this one? Your eyes are a pretty brown.

Well, as you lay here sleeping, mama is getting tired. And I want to watch Grey's. So, sleep tight my dear. You are going to need your rest.

We're going places now!

P.S. I almost forgot to remind you...I love you more than you will ever know. You are the brightest spot in my world. Like I said, I REALLY love you.

Forever and Always,



  1. That is the CUTEST romper on the cutest girl!

    She definitely is looking much more like a big girl. :) I've noticed Levi looking less like a chunky little baby and more like one year old lately, too... it's so bittersweet!

  2. She is so freakin cute! Is her hair turning blondish or is it just me? How's the party planning going?

  3. I've been a little absent due to our recent move, but wanted to drop in and say HI! And happy 10 months to our babies! :)