Monday, November 15, 2010

WWYD? Alternative Title: I'm a Broke Single Mom, yo

Gemma's Big Present this year is going to be this:

It's a play kitchen (duh).

On Amazon right now, this kitchen is listed at $122.54 (retail price of $199.00, prices elsewhere on the web are aound $150.00-$160.00) I almost have enough swagbucks for another 5$ Amazon giftcard, so if I buy it with this paycheck, I will probably pay $112.34. Good deal right.


I want to go shopping on Black Friday. I mean, there isn't anything I have seen in the ads that I HAVE to have, but I wanna go, and I want to have money to spend. If I buy the play kitchen I might be able to scrounge up $50 bucks to spend, and I am not even sure I would have that. So, I am thinking, maybe I should wait on the play kitchen... I might even be able to rack up another $5.00 or even $10.00 in Amazon giftcards from swagbucks, so that would bring the price down even more,


what if the price goes up or what if Amazon sells out? Then, I would have to find some place and else, and pay potentially $40.00-$50.00 more than I would have to if I bought it sooner.


It could still be on sale right? (this would be 2 weeks from this Friday, when I get paid) And I really wanna go Black Friday shopping



p.s. I promise my next post will be legit...or a little more legit at least.



I'll try okay, geesh... 


  1. LOL! I would never, under any circumstances, go shopping on Black Friday. The thought terrifies me. Good luck!

  2. OOOH that's a toughie. I refuse to go shopping on black friday. BUT have you seen all the sneek peak ads? maybe there is a play kitchen in one of those for even cheaper?

  3. I'd order the kitchen and skip Black Friday shopping. Then again, I've never been shopping on Black Friday and never plan on going lol

    And on another note entirely, I still need to find a kitchen to get Jude for Christmas!

  4. HA! We have that exact kitchen! It's so cute and my kids LOVE it.