Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Such

Okay, so this picture kind of busts me...
This wasn't taken Halloween. This was actually the costume preview for the grandparents. Unfortunately, I am having camera issues so all of my Halloween 2010 pictures are going to be stolen off of other people's facebook pages.


In case you are wondering, from left to right, we have Gemma as a duck, my cousin's baby Delia as a mouse, and my little sister Abby as a bumble bee.


Here is Gemma last year in the same mouse costume that baby D was rocking this year...

Halloween day was actually pretty fun! I had to work, but I requested to get off at noon so I could go home and catch a quick nap so that I would feel up for trick or treating and stuff. When I started thinking about the prospect of baby free time (Gemma was going to stay at the sitter until 3) I decided that I couldn't waste it on sleep and went and got a haircut instead :) It isn't anything very drastic, but my hair finally has shape again and it looks sooooo much healthier.

Halloween night we went to my aunt and uncle's house, just like last year. My aunt made jambalaya and chili and it was so yummy! Gemma went trick or treating for the first time. It was fun, but I never realized how many people don't hand out candy! There were like 5 people NOT giving candy out for every 1 that was.


Wanna know what is not a bummer?

This picture :)

For some reason, I find it funny.

Easily amused I guess.

How was your Halloween?


  1. she's the cutest duck ever. and i love that last picture where she's busting a move. adorable. I always hate wasting baby-free time on naps.

  2. LOL that picture is stinkin cute : ) Go Gemma Go Gemma Go Go Go Gemma! : ) I love the costume : ) Miss the days when FP wanted to be cutesie elephants and such... : ) Happy Belated Halloween : )