Sunday, November 28, 2010

Caught Up

Did you go Black Friday Shopping?

I did. Now, I didn't go at midnight or anything, but when Gemma and I woke up we got together with my brother's girlfriend and headed out.

Do you wanna know what I bought?

A bra, a pair of jeans, and a winter hat for my cousin's baby.

Later that day, at work, I felt bad for not spending much, went on to the Carter's website and dropped $40 on couple of outfits. The outfits are cute, but certainly nothing I (well, Gemma) couldn't live without. Even though she didn't really need them, I justified telling myself what a great deal it was, and bought it anyway.

I am caught up in holiday consumerism.

I wanna buy, buy, buy...and then buy some more.

I have spent at least $200 on Gemma already, and I don't feel finished? Why? I'm not sure. I guess I am feeling the pressure of feeling like I "should" do as much as possible...but I am making it impossible on myself. I am struggling with bills for the first time in months and seriously...

I just.can'

I'm not particularly religious at this point in my life...I am still figuring out what I believe...but I still feel like Christmas should be about something more than THIS. It should be about family and friends and happiness and love and all of that cheesy stuff.

We are creating a cycle of buy, buy, buy...want, want, want. Instead of focusing on starting family traditions for Gemma and I, I have been focusing on what I want to get her and what gifts I want.

I'm so caught up.

But I'm over it.

I'm waving the white flag.

Does anyone have any tips for NOT getting caught up in the material aspect of the holidays?


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  4. You're blog is supercute and all, but I think maybe you were requesting some opinions and guidance...
    I had big issues with this when I was pregnant with Sam two holidays ago. I was going to do all I could to NOT go overboard and to make the holiday more about doing special things than getting special things. We made cookies and had wayy too much hot chocolate and the stations were all tuned in on Christmas music. We made new decorations to add to the ones I had already collected over the years.
    She's asked to bake the cookies already and we have a new box of hot-chocolate on the shelf ready and waiting. It worked! She remembered the fun stuff!
    As for you and Gemma. She certainly isn't going to place a whole lot of importance on the stuff she gets. Take advantage of that now and enjoy thinking up new traditions that you and your family can all discover together.
    Baby photos make great family gifts. It's all my mom puts on her wish list every year. One good family photo.
    Make cookies. Let Gemma fingerpaint the wrapping paper for fun. Don't worry about getting everyone's list taken care of. Chances are, everyone's worried about taking care of everyone else anyway.

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  7. I totally get caught up in all of it. I want to spend spend spend. And I cant.

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  9. What I do to not get too caught up in the consumerism side of the holidays is step back and look at all the junk Jude already has. I also try to make a lot of gifts for my grandparents and aunts/uncles. Plus I plan on getting him an ornament every year, I still can't find one that sticks out for this year though :(