Thursday, August 25, 2011

Settled In

So Gems and I are settling into the new place quite well. I actually forgot how nice living on your own can be.

 Small things, like being able to eat cold chicken out of a Tupperware container, with my fingers, in the middle of the living room, while watching Project Runway without having to explain anything to anyone.

It's nice.

Gemma enjoys her space is proud of her room.

Even though she still sleeps in mine.

Go figure.

Here are a few quick pictures...

Checking out the cabinet space.

I had an errand to run on campus and of course brought Bam along.

We were going for a walk around our complex here. I love how she is holding her hands here.

This was tonight. That may or may not be cold chicken in her hand.

So, things are going well. Now that the boxes are (mostly) tossed out and I am (almost) completely settled in the new place I am starting to feel a teeny bit anxious about school. I am worried that it is going to be a lot. 


I have been taking this whole life change process one step at a time and everything has worked out so far.

I don't want to jinx myself but I am feeling...capable.

And settled in.


  1. sounds great. Gemma is adorable.

  2. are you in richmond by any chance? you can email me if you don't want people knowing :) if you are, we should totally get out girls together!