Sunday, August 7, 2011

Less Than a Week!

Until my big move. Ahhh... So much to pack/buy/do. 

And of course, I am keeping my hands busy with this little lady:

Umm, excuse the picture that is even awful for a camera phone picture. It was the most recent picture in my photobucket. 

Take my word for it, she is cute.

Anywho, Friday was my last day of work. This weekend I had a small-ish, cheap-ish Mickey Mouse birthday party for Gemma. She won't be 2 for 3 more weeks, but I wanted to make sure my family could celebrate with her. I didn't get a single good picture, but I made some good memories. That is the important part, right?

This move is a big deal. I am finally emerging from the little small town-family cocoon that I have built around myself and re-entering the world. Restarting my life.


But exciting. 

Gemma wants a snack. She said she is "hun-ga-wee"

Later gators!

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